About Face

Creative Direction 



That the word ‘Beauty’ be used for the wider context of makeup and skin artistry captures the true meaning of what we consider our universe’s most pleasing creation. That the human face can exemplify this ideal with the simple spell of lacquers and powders is all the more wondrous.

TEAMM resident beauty creative duo Alper Sisters embody this Tao with their signature clean fresh-faced looks. At once distinct and versatile, their intuitive approach to cosmetics elevates the subjects’ natural beauty while embracing innovation. They now seek to broaden our palates (and palettes) with a new series of editorials, each highlighting a different beauty brand.

The series seeks to inspire, explore, play with, incite, excite, and to dissect and interpret new products as the raw materials for Alpers’ unique creative vision. Bold colors and shimmers are assorted in a dissonant harmony and patterns, texture and shape are playfully subverted under their creative direction. The whole neatly packaged and presented to us with an ever facile grace.

“About Face beauty products are true artistic mediums, something that is not often shown in the beauty industry”

“They inspire us to express ourselves in unconventional ways, and push the limits of their expected usage”