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Alper Sisters join forces with Sephora Canada for their national #WithSephora campaign, showcasing the nation’s talent.

From the mouths of babes, the Alpers’ dropped their anouncement last week in an Instagram post stating “If you haven’t seen it yet, our faces are plastered all over Montreal, representing our new partnership with sephoracanada. It’s an opportunity we couldn’t ever have imagined having!

Our number one priority as artists has always been to empower whoever is sitting in our chair, we love educating our clients and fellow artists with beauty research, always with the ultimate goal of having what we create inspire more people to do what they love. Being able to work in the beauty industry is a blessing and we’re so fortunate to be able to work among so many fascinating and inspiring people, as well as the other talented people who we are sharing this campaign with!

Having the roles reversed and being able to talk about our experiences has been more eye opening and humbling than we even expected. Both of us are not usually so comfortable with stepping into the “spotlight” – but this opportunity with Sephora showed us that although working behind the scenes is important, being the face behind what you do gives yourself power and ownership to potentially inspire others who have had similar experiences.”

“I think when you’re in it you don’t consider it the beauty industry, you consider it more like beauty community.”

— Maddie Alper

“Beauty has helped me
understand and love myself.”

— Alana Alper